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Hi Every one welcome to the kajal escorts services are you looking her female service we are offerde you the high class models service if you are looking her then contact us. You Know about Reproductive system in males and females.

Reproductive system in males and females

Reproductive system in males and females is responsible for the production of hormone as well as a process of reproduction one of the most important organs of the male reproductive system at the testicles are the testes they are enclosed in a sack known as a scrotum girls at a temperature lower than body temperature this is a sensor sperms are produced in the seminiferous tubules located in the testicles epididymis is a system of convoluted to that connects each testes to the Hyderabad Escorts difference it is responsible for everything the sperm into the vast difference the vast difference is connected to the Hyderabad Escort vesicle and prostate gland the seminal vesicle and prostate gland will you situations that mix with the sperm in order to form team in the ejaculatory duct carries the sperm into the urethra located in the penis that contains erectile tissue and become erect during sexual arousal located at the base of the Penis prepare the urethra for ejaculation of semen the female reproductive system is a counterpart of the male reproductive system the outer genitals consists of the labia majora and the labia minora that is composed of erectile tissue the vegina need to Outer genitalia atahualpa just have to testicles hills have two ovaries home on Saturday oestrogen and progesterone the Chronicles of the ovaries produce over or eggs a. Hyderabad Escort Service or the fallopian tubes and travels to the uterus every month the endometrium lining of uterus is not used with blood and fluid in preparation for receiving a fertilized egg if the egg is not fertilized it is discharge from the uterus along with the lining what is known as menstruation the uterus is connected to the vagina by the cervix during sexual intercourse the scenes of the male penis enters the vagina sperm itself then travel to the fallopian tube in order to fertilize the Hyderabad Escorts Service how it is possible only for one from cell to penetrate the oven or the egg and fertilizers the genetic material from the sperm and ovum combine and form the first cell of the zygote or the fertilized Hyderabad Female Escorts travels to the uterus that it attaches itself to the endometrium the fertilized Hyderabad Escorts Service develops into a human baby over a period of 40 weeks the baby is pushed through the cervix and into the vagina through a series of contractions the vagina serves as the birth Canal for the human baby.

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