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By | February 5, 2017

Hi everyone Niharika light rain about it not raining heavily however just dropped it you can feel your body so that you can say that answer is yes it is between heaven and breathing heavily and heavy rain alright what is Pokemon season is another way of saying that oh my God it’s raining heavily a problem getting late and once you get your a great excuse I am so sorry it is raining heavily rain Rain Rain last night certination rain is a very common term used by the newspaper for them and you can we come across in the newspaper is torrential rain today it will rain yesterday so heavy rainfall have you like that I’m not going to work in the rain weather forecast in a day the shower owner of rain today shop period throughout the day I was a constant Hiren ok it could be scattered showers it would rain on a very short. Alrighty got a nice one bringing up the phone falling from the sky a person that you can use when it’s raining heavily rather than just saying it down crazy down idiom I want who is the author of wallet amount of water if you are unable to walk the streets of water okay so you don’t think you would say it’s laboratory suppliers in large amount of water flowing yeah I don’t like plan for you know my life so difficult over surprises to talk about rain now we have some words that will help you when you get back ok somewhat you can use to talk about you being wet because of the rain ok medium pad is not fully wet you say my bad am slightly when it stops raining but the clothes look new again you are not alone ok probably you can send me your phone number I carry an umbrella hedley when it rains trend you can use it so when you are fully well with water dance classes in your company talk with you feel right I think that now I want something I like it thunder thunder thunder is a phrase used for the sound that you hear from the clouds oK so the clap of thunder and lightning I have tried to quit but I have failed silver lightning is a flash of light to see in the sky lightning comes from the is well the moment is a flash of light it within seconds you would clap of thunder and lightning is formed by the term Dell venue 8 mind is many countries have a monsoon season monsoon is basically raining.
I am useless about barbie download it if you share with them instead of your family how many people are there in your family I have studied anything your father your mother and just saying that if you have a sister or if you have a brother and yourself you have to improve yourself because you are right should be she is gone before you. She would be your sister your brother after you were born would be no problem when you have to talk about your feelings you say I have another sister who are so bad and I have no immediate family assamese together and that’s why you are the nuclear family now you have explained it and who are related to your parents that you would be and would be hip Hop off side of family would be a singer me as a mother’s I could not here our father in heaven so they are you nobita and Maria all Kapoor and they have a beautiful pen holder when is your husband and features brother and my and sister would be a bit when you guys all day long and sister would be a good Runner I’m your father side of family family song Tamil is my mother have a brothers house which is married and have a beautiful day is yours cool your mother would be your lips while ago and he would be your answer how to draw Sofia your family and your feeling about your eternal side of a mother and a flashing what is the nuclear family and your family how are you related to your parents and to you and your settings of God father mother father and he knew this is your father your grandfather from your side how to make a mother where is her mother in law where are you she is your grandmother my love is your father’s brother son of Mr Johnson and Johnson pC pagal for your mother and so it would be here also maria FIFA is would be you father in law mum toh Teri ta what do you father in law call her mother for your mother who would be and so and supplying my would be and now time is Cena and Maria Sun so far he is fB is your cousin amazon wheeler the journey is your father’s sister she is your paternal father she is his where for your mother she is your sister in law and for you and for your brother and sister journey is your she is your kitchen where she is married to William and William is for you father in law it is a brother in law new sevilla that how you prepare a family is related to your parents and senior I hope this explains you in detail and if you want to talk about them you can always say that my grandfather and she is a retired person where I said I have an answer his name is Peter Andre work for a company and when is my friend who goes to you cannot talk about your smile and she gets here during Christmas and again Indian who is the new husband outside of family about Sumit outside of your family how do you related to you and to your parents johnson yes Papa the bay or your grandfather grandmother what is your mother’s so he is your brother for your father he is I want to you know that he is asin marriage as long as you can when was the Mother’s nephew

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