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By | April 5, 2017

How to use words like fake who me long or short how to use simple word in Hyderabad Escorts Service festival like to receive notifications welcome back to menu lesson in today’s lesson we all have access to end up using integration in English or like small long shot all time and understand that such a big and small when we are talking about penis size without general size of something can you mention something you’re not using the words like Hyderabad Escorts we have dog price real have more balls like maybe a seat we’re gonna be short note on the way you are because that’s surprising that because Hyderabad Escort, I was having the smaller one that’s how you would you say and more an example Hyderabad Escorts for you is take out the other people who have big houses so when you have to describe the size of a house would you say one day you will say that I love her big house because of the house you are using the word house gauss you are you think that it’s ok don’t know when to use how we can its a small and then we have an exception now you are talking about clothes when you’re talking about you end up using the word large male or a large when you are talking about Hyderabad Escorts end up using the world large so for example a very large Escorts Girls some not get a big size I am talking about national cycle Hyderabad Escorts a size Call Girls ok I have to buy a small size t-shirt for my Hyderabad Escorts Service. so, I have to work small but the only difference and the only exception that will forward large is using the word for you talk about clothes when you talk about what’s the difference between big and small.

Hyderabad Escorts Services

This is how you talking about something okay to the world like your eyes and why do you know and show to talk about length about where as he was the worst hall and across the opposite of tall is show it when you are talking about vertical lines I have never understand the difference Hyderabad Escorts Girls and let’s have some example now like for example you and you have to buy and you say that you’re right paisa shows you if you want her long into negative and you will give two words so long I can we can wait you navigate me to talk about have you forward long to talk about movies or to talk about time duration and over to talk about something you and I’m using the word long for time to talk about you it’s ok that’s love movie so probably the movie is like Hyderabad Escorts and talk about the house beautiful long hair world and its sexyback news about that some word in Hyderabad Escorts Agencies from you talking about words in sentences used to belong to the long run ok so make sure sure short for horizontal line as well as for vertical length so not so long you the movie was shot ok so you talking about I’m talking about thank you ration and Hyderabad Escorts unlike short hair that’s what I like beautiful here I don’t like you talking about world football we use it well then we’re talking about vertical line so when you talking about someone that person is thought you will not so as long as it is the word for sure shot what is building call when you talk about building man with the tall man now you can you talk about Re you use the word thought that forest is full of Dreams again because they’re Hyderabad Call Girls like young trees but you’re Hyderabad Escort use the world long that would be interesting is it a long she’s the correct was it be there there are tall trees in that ok so that google music and let understand when and how to use root and honey final with some example when and how to use the word when you talk about things very big size then you something when you are talking about something more and now let’s meet at examples animal elephant is so rather than using voice like they used in the world is really big so when you are talking about something which Hyderabad Escorts is really big you can you tell me where the London describe the Apple size and then we have shoes house about big house now I’m using the attitude when I say that she bought a new huge house so this means that the house is very big and maybe the house around bedroom with Call Girls in Hyderabad and look in the basement and so are you now look at some examples oh yes now who is creepy creature Hyderabad Escorts but then when you are talking about a mouse when you can use the what time is the time is now going places and they serve you this miniature bottle you can use the attitude that you have if you are talking about when we have to take it as like everything is fine and that how you.

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