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What is the battery on language in the world that every understand its called a Universal language before starting a lot of language talking about language of the world describe and specifications don’t miss any new lessons why does it out here and I happen to be a true music what are you do what… Read More »

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Situations unexpected what to say they looking for female service the whole world will help you with some phrases to express that shop and surprise two different things people you know when there shall I say I’m so surprised that it is everything okay so is installing win something happens and they’re a surprise is… Read More »

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Today I don’t feel like doing anything don’t see my pic in a smartphone sweet message at today I don’t feel like doing anything is that your song to are you feeling lazy and board when my dear congratulations to you click don’t just the perfect Kajal Escorts, in this Kajal Escorts we are going… Read More »

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What is that you want to say I am in love with you love at first sight abhibus love to have a wonderful story to tell me how about this is last what’s my favourite is not of us meet you already brewmaster Kirti this is where I saw him how much time would it… Read More »


How to use words like fake who me long or short how to use simple word in English tribal festival like to receive notifications welcome back to menu lesson in today’s lesson we all have access to end up using integration in English or like small long shot all time and understand that such a… Read More »

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My best I went for a movie yesterday I’m at my pal Jal very long time great what was I just use particle testing know how these words can be used taking with me aarohi and I have some interesting ways to say the word when because trust me saying friend has now become just… Read More »

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Hi everyone Niharika light rain about it not raining heavily however just dropped it you can feel your body so that you can say that answer is yes it is between heaven and breathing heavily and heavy rain alright what is Pokemon season is another way of saying that oh my God it’s raining heavily… Read More »

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Right today we are getting milk at some summer would happily probably is your favourite season not mine sunny its hot women like to go to the beach we are can have some summer vocabulary this is what we talked about flag we have to admit I’m beginning with the world so when it is… Read More »

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Hip hop dance music listening to music and that everyone appreciates music for Universal language get someone better music I have to talk about it I have some types of music where is called as genre of music damn it to pronounce this word online a very different way so pronunciation in stronger and jamrat… Read More »